About Us

Our skilled instructors

Our Instructors are industry leaders with decades of experience. They have been teachers and instructors in reputed schools, colleges and educational institutions. The team is managed by our principal Dr Robert K Johnson who has 25+ years of experience in the field of teaching.

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Anna Kunyataka


Anna has 10+ years of teaching child psychology. After working with various institutions around the globe, Anna joined DigiSchool intending to help learners to cope up with daily stress. She is an avid learner and technogeek.

John Mather


John has been a life scientist who gave up his practising career in favour of education. He has been a teacher ever since, while taking students to the path of career and overall development.

Ben Daniels

Teacher and counsellor

Ben has been with DigiSchool since its inception in 2015.

He has been guiding students and learners towards their path of success. He teaches career development courses for young working professionals. An avid learner and public speaker.

Our Story

DigiSchool was established in 2015 as an online academy and school. We have been on the task for education
well-being and growth of individuals with our range of online courses. With teachers from several institutions and schools, DigiSchool is our aim to provide learning all across while being the regular e-school.

What Makes Us Experts?

Varied areas of expertise

Skills in understanding of Wants and Needs

Corporate experience

Wide array of experience in engaging audience

Leading domain experts and Influencers as course instructors and mentors

Knowledge and Personal Experiences to Problem Solving

80+ Online courses
Expert Instructions
Lifetime Access